The Bon Appetit Story

Bon Appetit is a gourmet frozen food company designed to take the hassle out of your holiday. They have created and developed an extensive international menu to suit all tastes and dietary requirements. Their team of experienced chefs use locally sourced fresh ingredients to make each dish exceptional, delicious and authentic.

Prepared and frozen on the day of production to lock in the flavour and quality, Bon Appetit allows you the flexibility of a restaurant quality meal at any time.

Martin Clare, Head Chef, has this to say:

mc “I started Bon Appetit 2 years ago after wanting a complete lifestyle change. With my wealth of knowledge from having skied and cooked extensively around the world, I decided to look at the way people eat while they are on a ski holiday. I realised several things: not everybody wants the constraints of a fully catered chalet, nor do most want to eat out in restaurants every night, not to mention the costs. After a busy day on the slopes who wants to cook or indeed wash up? Buying everything from scratch? ‘No thanks’. With that in mind Bon Appetit was launched. I wanted to create a meal that was packed with nutrients and substance whilst not containing any ‘nasties’ in the process. Bon Appetit only sources the highest quality ingredients and we do not use any additional additives or preservatives that you may ordinarily associate with a supermarket ready meal”.


Starting a new business is never easy or plain sailing as Martin well knows from his previous successes back in the UK. Starting in the Savoy Hotel to setting up one of the largest and well known event catering companies in London we asked him what trials and tribulations he has encountered starting a new company in France:

“It’s not been easy! There are many differences here in France that one simply couldn’t have foreseen. Two of the largest hurdles for the business so far have been one; getting away from the preconceived ready meal ideology, you really can have a delicious frozen meal and secondly; getting the word out that this service is available in many resorts and can be delivered directly to your door!
 foodMeals you can Re-heat in 15 minutes – what could be better than that for someone with a busy lifestyle whether skiing or working?
Now moving into our third year Bon Appetit is operating from a fantastic new factory kitchen and this coming season we will be in over 15 ski resorts and 20 supermarkets in and around the French Alps. We have an online delivery service available in many resorts and are looking to work closely with more owners/operators to improve their customer experience. If you can’t see our name in your chalet then just ask your rep or visit us online at:”

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